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Freedom Lite Power Chair is a portable, transportable, folding, lightweight compact electric power chair, designed primarily for indoor use. For a no obligation, FREE demonstration call us on 1300 951 799.

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The Freedom A07 Lite Folding Power Chair, is a portable, transportable, foldable, lightweight compact electric wheel chair. It is designed primarily for indoor use and is truly versatility and manoeuvrable. its compact design enables the user to handle the smallest, and tightest of environments. The Freedom A07 Lite Power Chair, has brought a new meaning to mobility. This particular model has a 105 kg carry capacity and weighs only 19.5 kg without the battery. Climbing an 8 degree incline wont be a problem, since the Freedom A07 Lite Folding Power Chair, has two 200 watt brushless motors. the power is sourced from a 24 volt 10 ah lithium battery pack, which will transport you approximately 15 km on a single charge. The driving range can be extended, by placing a second battery into the spare housing, which is conveniently located under the seat. this will then double the driving range to approximately 30 km. This particular model is designed for smaller more petite users.

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Overall Dimensions: 95 cm long x 56 cm wide x 91 cm high Motor power: 200 watts x 2 Range: Up to 15 km Total weight: 19.5 kg excluding 1.6 kg battery Maximum Load weight: 105 kg Maximum speed: 7 km/h Turning radius: Ground clearance: 4.5 cm Maximum climbing grade: 8 Degrees Free wheeling: Manual Wheels: 9 inch front and 6 inch rear Battery Lithium: 24 volt 10 ah Seat: low back 41 cm x 43 cm Colours: Silver

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