About Us


FREEDOM MOBILITY SCOOTERS personally hand pick a range of Mobility Scooters and Golf Buggies sourced from only the best quality controlled Manufacturing facilities around the World. Our aim is to bring you the best quality Mobility Scooters, Mobility Scooter Accessories and Golf Buggies for the lowest possible price. Our range of Mobility Scooters are Stylish and dependable, they are amongst the most user friendly and technologically advanced in Australia and around the world. Our range of proven designs are built to exacting ISO Quality Assurance Standards, and are also provided with CE certification.

FREEDOM MOBILITY SCOOTERS are determined to bring independence and FREEDOM to as many people as possible. For far too long, other Scooter Companies have been charging ridiculous prices for what should always be a simple designed, reliable, and easy to operate device. We don’t see why the purchase of a mobility scooter should prevent you from enjoying some of  the more enjoyable things in life.

FREEDOM MOBILITY SCOOTERS do not have supply agreements with Governments and Hospitals which tend to over inflate pricing. We have our own Warehouse in the eastern suburbs, as well a a brand new Showroom Facility located in Ringwood, Victoria, which is is also in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne. We stock our range of Mobility Scooters and Golf Buggies, including an assortment of Mobility Aids, and Mobility Scooter Accessories.

FREEDOM MOBILITY SCOOTERS sell direct to the Public at FACTORY WHOLESALE PRICES. We have recently set up a new location on the Gold Coast in Queensland. This office currently services Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Northern NSW.

FREEDOM MOBILITY SCOOTERS can almost guarantee that our prices wont be matched by any other Company for any comparable Mobility Scooter or Golf Buggy.

FREEDOM MOBILITY SCOOTERS guarantee that by eliminating significant overheads, and dealing direct, we can offer you the most suitable Mobility Scooter, and more importantly at an extremely competitive price.

FREEDOM MOBILITY SCOOTERS offer a FREE of charge Home demonstration. This obligation FREE service allows you to test drive the Mobility Scooter in your own environment, ensuring peace of mind.

FREEDOM MOBILITY SCOOTERS will check your living environment,  and exact requirements, to ensure that we provide you with the correct FREEDOM MOBILITY SCOOTER. This is a convenient, no obligation FREE service.

FREEDOM MOBILITY SCOOTERS are helping Australians celebrate their Freedom.

Our Company Slogan is ” FEEL THE FREEDOM” 

Freedom Mobility Scooters about-us page will provide you with information about Freedom Mobility Scooters, our operation and our many services on offer.