Freedom Scooters

Electric mobility scooters Melbourne, have a wide range of mobility scooters, which are manufactured in our overseas manufacturing facilities. We have a mobility scooter for every purposes and budgets. Our overseas manufacturing facilities have the latest testing equipment, to ensure the quality of the end product, is of the highest standard. We are in constant contact with our manufacturing facilities, to check production, quality and completion dates.

We have large mobility scooters, small transportable mobility scooters and everything in between. Our prices, we believe are the best around, when comparing a scooter of the same quality and features. Most of all, our before and after sales service, is guaranteed to please at all times.

Freedom Mobility Scooters have Four wheel Mobility Scooters, Three wheel Mobility Scooters, Small and Large Mobility Scooters. Either way, whichever Mobility Scooters you chose from Freedom Mobility Scooters, you will be guaranteed many years of enjoyment and personal Freedom.

FREEDOM MOBILITY SCOOTERS We have our Showroom and Head Office, located in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne at 15 Molan Street Ringwood, while our main warehouse is located nearby, which ensures stock is generally always available, for immediate delivery. We currently service the whole of Victoria, as well as Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Gosford NSW, Gipsland, Hobart Tasmania, Perth Western Australia and South Australia.

Freedom Mobility Scooters will come to you, that's right, you don't need to visit our Showrooms, or re-sellers. Freedom Mobility Scooters will bring our Showroom to you, totally FREE of charge, and without obligation.

Freedom Mobility Scooters offer a FREE delivery service within the Melbourne Metropolitan area, Mornington Peninsula, Geelong and Ballarat. As well as through our many re-sellers.

Please call our Head office on 03 9095 8434, or 1300 951 799 to discuss your exact requirements. 


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