Tips For Using Your Power Chair

Here are some Tips For Using Your Power Chair. Have you just purchased a new Power chair? Congratulations! The following suggestions will ensure that you get the most out of your new power chair!





Each time before using your Power chair, it can be beneficial to check the following things. Firstly, make sure that your batteries are fully charged and that the tyres are inflated, if you have pneumatic tyres. At the time of purchase, we will run through the range of the power chair with you, so it is important to keep this in mind. Please ensure that you remove the charging lead and that the freewheel levers are not engaged, meaning please make sure both motors are in gear and activated.


To ensure your safety and pedestrian safety, when travelling outside, please travel on the left of the footpath at a safe speed. Please remain alert around the road and driveways.



Before getting off your power chair, please turn off the joystick controller to prevent accidents when dismounting the power chair. Please put your power chair on charge after each use. We recommend charging overnight, to ensure your power chair is ready to use the next day, however, please do not leave your power chair on charge for over 24 hours.


Please run through the below checklist regarding Tips For Using Your Power Chair and if you experience any problems with your power chair.

  • Ensure the charger is not plugged in
  • Ensure freewheel levers are in the drive position
  • Turn the joystick off/on again
  • Push the reset button

If you still have any concerns, please contact Freedom Mobility Scooters on 03 9095 8434


If you experience problems and require a service technician to attend your home, there will be a minimum $88 call out fee. This fee covers a service technician attending your home and diagnosing the problem. If required, the fee also covers the powerchair coming back to our workshop for us to assess and delivering the powerchair back to you. Please note, repairs are NOT included in this fee.

Freedom Mobility Scooters recommend that our customers consider joining RACV or a similar breakdown service to assist in the unfortunate event of mechanical failure. We also recommend having insurance on your new powerchair, for added peace of mind. If you are interested in insurance please let one of our team members know, as we can organise for Blue Badge Insurance to contact you.

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