Martin, Phil and Viv.

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Hi Martin,

G’day. My name is John. I am an old age pensioner and live in Wonthaggi. After doing a lot of homework and research on mobility scooters along with enquiries, I managed to contact Martin at Freedom Mobility Scooters in Bayswater.

It turned out he had a fantastic deal for me and the new scooter was located in Bayswater, but he had a dealership in Wonthaggi owned by Phil & Viv who could handle the deal, along with the finance/service – the whole kit and caboodle along with delivery (free) to my door even with the next day being a public holiday!

It only took one day for them to make it happen along with delivery. Let me say, I have never dealt with people so obliging and easy going to get along with.

One very happy customer!

Thank you – Martin, Phil and Viv.

Truly down to earth people!

July 13, 2017