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The Theorem Concepts Alperton lift chair, is a quality lift chair, is designed to separate itself from other brands. Luxury, Quality and perfection.

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The Theorem Concepts Alperton Lift Chair, is designed with functionality in mind. the Theorem Alperton dual motor lift chair, is crafted with quality in mind, which will add style to any living space. The Theorem Concepts Alperton lift chair, has extremely unique features, such as independent headrest, leg rest and lumbar functions, not to mention having a footrest extension and a convenient hand wand to create the perfect comfort setting. The Theorem Concepts Alperton lift chair  also includes a lay flat recliner function. We recently decided to enter the fast growing lift chair market. There are many lift chairs already on sale, however most we have found to be quite boring in design and colours, as well as in some instances quite poorly constructed and finished. That is up until now, with the introduction of the Theorem range of quality lift chairs, which first hit the market in 2016. We decided that not everyone wanted just a lift chair, there were many people out there that wanted something more up market and stylish and yes the Theorem range of power lift chairs are not the cheapest around, however in our opinion, they would have to be amongst the best lift chairs on the market today. The Theorem range of lift chairs incorporate incredible features, such as independent headrest and lumbar support endorsed by occupational therapists.

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Weight capacity: 158.7 kg Seat width: 43.1 cm seat depth: 46.9 cm seat to floor: 45.7 cm Chair width: 74.9 cm Chair depth: 93.9 cm Chair height: 99 cm operation: USB hand wand

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