Pride GoGo Sport Mobility Scooter


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The Pride GoGo Sport mobility scooter, is the ultimate travel companion and travel mobility scooter.

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The Pride GoGo Sport mobility scooter is a sturdy scooter, that’s light enough for transportation. The Go-Go Sport combines take-apart convenience of a travel mobility scooter, which includes a longer frame and roomier feel, that so many riders are looking for. Some features include powerful 18 AH batteries for a 19 km maximum driving range and a 147 kg carry capacity. Easy Feather-Touch disassembly lets you transport your mobility scooter in 5 easy pieces- the heaviest piece weighs only 20 kg. and the components will fit in the back of most cars. The longest of Pride’s travel scooter line-up, the Go-Go Sport is sturdy and stable enough for outdoor riding. The overall length of the Go-Go Sport 4-wheel is 109.2 cm, and the turning radius is only 128 cm. The Go-Go Sport 4-Wheel features an additional charging port conveniently located up on the tiller for easy access and convenience.  The flat free tires are wide enough and stable enough to ensure increased traction and safety at all times.
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UPC Pride GoGo Sport
Product Dimensions L x W x H (cm) 109.2 x 54
Box Dimensions L x W x H (cm) No
Carry Capacity 147 kg
Motor Power
Fuel Economy Up to 19 km (Terrain and Passenger Dependant)
Total Weight 44 kg fully assembled excluding Battery pack
Maximum Speed 7.5 km/h
Turning Radius 128 cm
Ground Clearance 3.8 cm
Free Wheeling Manual
Climbing Grade
Wheels and Tires 9 inch front and back solid
Seat Low back swivel
Colours Red, Blue

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