Luggie Standard Mobility Scooter


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Luggie Standard Mobility Scooter is a full portable lightweight Mobility Scooter, which easily folds in seconds.

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The Luggie has earned worldwide recognition as a leader in the electric scooter class due to it’s versatility and practicality. Larger scooters are heavier and not able to fold, meaning they have limited applications and are not truly portable. The Luggie is a one piece design that only takes seconds to fold and there’s no need to dismantle anything to transport (as is the case with other scooters). The Luggie has amazing portability and can be conveniently folded and placed in a car boot, taken on the bus, train or any other public transport meaning our customers maintain a higher level of independence. The Luggie is perfect to take with you on plane flights and cruise ships allowing you to maintain an active and enjoyable lifestyle.

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Overall Dimensions: 99 cm long (Unfolded) x 56 cm wide Motor power: 70 watts Range: Up to 15 km (Terrain and Passenger dependant) Total weight: 25.5 kg with battery Maximum Load weight: 114 kg Maximum speed: Turning radius: 104 cm Ground clearance: 6 cm Maximum climbing grade: 6 degrees Free wheeling: Manual Wheels: 6 inch front and 7 inch rear (solid) Battery: 8.5 ah lithium Seat: folding with armrests Colours: Red, Blue and Yellow (Depending on stock availability)

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